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Creatively Closing the Gap: Unconventional Ways to Find Money for College

"With each turn of the page, there is something to be gained. From determining how to make your student marketable for scholarships, to making your current assets work for you, with detailed, easy to use budget worksheets included right there in the pages. What makes this book stand out for me, are the eccentric approaches to money access provided. Many of us are aware that there is a FAFSA form to fill out and that schools may offer students money based on varying factors. However, there is so much more to be attained and this book is a step by step guide, provided by an expert in the field. The reader will understand that while there is money out there for school, your student will need to put forth effort to obtain it. With brilliant insight, the author provides a valuable lesson for the high school student entering college; in the real world, you must work to get to afford your desires. This particular lesson comes in the form of fundraising ideas. This guide aids the high school student in appreciating the value of income earned, all while assisting in realizing their own dreams.

Also setting this book apart from the rest is its ability to reach parents with students of all ages. This very easy read, provides endless possibilities for the young student in that it helps the child to become college prepared early on. Structured with detail, your student will understand the opportunities that lie with extra-curricular activities, AP classes and summer college course enrollment. The reality is many of our youth do not enter college due to lack of finances. Dana Martin has provided a glimmer of hope to many families. Having a child entering her senior year of high school this fall, while I am simultaneously entering graduate school, this guide has been our personal treasure."

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Ok I had to share this my daughter is apart of  that 695 all I can say is Look at Jesus and his works, he is definitely in the blessing business, some parents including myself didn't know how we was gonna get our children to college yet alone afford it but the staff at all the Campuses have been hard at work many many special thanks to the one and only Dana Martin I love you and thank you for all you have done for Briana and I in helping making her college dreams come true, thanks for helping calm the anxiety when we didn't know how, when and where you are a true God send. God bless you thank you, thank you, thank you!


12th grade parent 2017