Dec. 1, 2018


I say words that motivate. Sometimes harsh. Other times kind but always truth. Most times people need courage. They know what they need to do. They know how to do it, but sometimes they need a push in that right direction. I like to be that push. I like to ignite that fire. Even if they think they don't want me to, I like to push until they take off on their own.

Motivation can look like:

1. Giving words of encouragement to take action
2. Cheering on the sideline during a challenging feat
3. Sitting quietly next to someone as they complete a seemingly difficult task
4. Listening while someone tells their deepest dreams and passions
5. Helping people realize that they are not alone in their journey

There are millions of ways to motivate. People need to hear how they can do it (whatever it is) so they can believe in themselves.

Go push someone to greatness. It will make your day I promise.

Thank you to all my motivators for without you my life would look so very different.