Apr. 15, 2018

What Beyoncé teaches about college money

4 things Beyoncé taught me about college and College Money during her Coachella Performance

1. Believe you can do whatever you want! Beyoncé's parents were working class from Houston. They believed in her and she in turn believed in herself. They weren't rich but they built the foundation for her empire. You don't need a fortune to set yourself apart. You don't even need approval from others. What you do need is the mindset that you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

2. You Create your Expertise. Practice. Read. Study. Watch videos. Rehearse. Train. This builds an expert. Beyoncé is an AMAZING performer but is also a very hardworker She consistently and systematically out works herself to become better. The same principle holds true to every area of life especially for families looking for money for College. It is not enough to forward a scholarship link yo your child and expect them yo complete it. It is not enough for you to just do the FAFSA and hope for the best. Getting money for College takes HARD WORK and creativity. You can be the expert. You just have to work for it.

3. Pay Homage. Bey paid homage to those who came before her. Her NOLA roots, Hbcus, marching bands, D9, Queen Nefertiti... My goodness.. there are places in our past that we can seek guidance from and benefit from the strength in our past. When trying to find places to look for College Money take a look backwards. Look at your lineage and heritage. There may be some untapped connections that can lead you in a direction that you may not have before considered.

4. Use Your Village. Beyoncé has always had a team. Her parents, family, Destiny's Child, hubby. She brought member of her team with her to perform last night symbolizing that it takes more than one person to build an empire. Same rings true for us. Money for College is a team effort. Parents have a part to do as well as kids. It's a team effort.

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