Jan. 25, 2018

How Badly Do You Want it??

I gave my seniors an assignment today to gauge how serious they are about getting money for college. The fact of the matter is, as a counselor/teacher I see how important it is for students to apply themselves throughout this college money process. I also understand how overwhelming the college process can be for a teen. The assignment asked them to read and take notes on three financial aid articles. I find pretty good articles online about ways to finance a college eucation. After reading the articles I asked them to do the following:

Write an essay of at least 500 words describing how you plan to completely finance your college education for the next 4+ years. Use commentary and insight from the three articles you read in class today. Please answer the following questions within your essay:

  • What is a common theme among the 3 articles?
  • What are some steps you can take to reduce college costs?
  • Why are local scholarships important? How do you find them?
  • How can your senior project community service hours benefit you when looking for scholarships?
  • Give at least one personal example of how these articles can apply to your personal college financing journey.

For me it is important to see how badly the student want to finance their college education. While they completed the assignment I watched them. I wanted to see who would take it seriously. Happy to report that all, but 3 really took the time to complete it throughly. When I read through the essays there were some really insightful responses. My effort matches theirs during this process. I sit at my computer day in and day out sending out materials to scholarship organizations in hopes of my kids landing some college dollars. But I can't do it alone. I think it was key for the students reflect on their own desire to finance college. So often the parent is pressing the child to apply to scholarships, but there has to be an intrinsic motivation. 

My final thought to the youth... just keep pushing forward. The scholarship game is no joke but with continuous work and dedication you'd be surprised what can come your way.