Sep. 21, 2017

September Madness

The beginning of the school year is tough for me. As a mom I always want to make sure that my girls start the year with their best foot forward. As an educator I want to bring the best version of myself to the classroom and counseling office. As a wife I want to ensure that I am not overlooking the needs of my husband as it starts to get busier outside of home. This year has been particularly trying. With all mentioned above we are also in the midst of a 6+ month-long home renovation from heaven (because saying hell gives negative energy and ain't nobody got time for that!) We are in constant motion with syncing schedules, appointments, dance practice, tutoring sessions, hair appointments, back to school nights, drop-offs and pick-ups. It's a whirlwind. Right in the midst I received the opportunity to attend a national conference in Boston where I had the pleasure of presenting to a large audience. I was extremely excited, but also apprehensive. The conference took place right at the very beginning of the school year. I'd be away from home for 3 days. Away from my students and my family. What would they do? With all the apprehension I still went. Had a great time! Learned so much.  Brought back a ton of resources and guess what? Everyone survived. Well almost. At home everyone was great. Me? My presentation was amazing! The feedback has been stellar. For my very first time presenting on a national stage I was very composed and confident. On the last day of the conference the unimaginable happened, I fell. Hard. I fell off the shuttle bus right in front of the convention center. I was taken to a Boston ER. Thankfully nothing was broken but I do have a bad sprain on my right foot. Wheelchair, crutches, aircast you name it. That is my current state. See with all my apprehension and fear of leaving my family and work at a high stakes time I ended up harming myself. I spent so much energy focusing on their well-being, their needs, wants, anticipating their desires that I overlooked the most important person in my journey.. myself. So I wrap this up by saying yes this is a busy time of my life. Every year it is but I must do a much better job of caring for the one person who makes it all happen. ME!