Aug. 1, 2017

Get the Book.. Here's Why...

Imagine providing all of your students the tools they need to be successful after high school graduation.

They are intelligent, responsible, self-sufficient individuals.

They are leaders within their communities.

They plan to go off to college to further their reach within the world.

But alas, they don't have the money.

They were sold the dream of attending college only to find out they are not able toafford the school of their dreams.

They completed the FAFSA and state grant, even accepted federal student loans yet still fall short.

Is this how the story ends?

My new book,

Creatively Closing the Gap - Unconventional Ways to Find Money for College

expores "out of the box" approaches to closing the financial aid gap. Full of lessons and easy to use WORKSHEETS for parents and students to make a clear ACTION PLAN to start thinking about the money needed for college.


The book is for anyone looking to find money for college after completing the traditional financial aid process (FAFSA). The book is ideal for:

Middle School - High School

Parents and Guardians


Anyone with a college dream!

Order your class set today!