Apr. 25, 2017

Your Tribe

Way back when I graduated from Temple in 2006.. I was so happy this day.. everyone I loved came to celebrate me.. 25+ people came to my college graduation.. little Ole me.. in that moment I wasn't just the smart girl with North Philly roots and an Uptown attitude. I wasn't just the smart mouth know-it-all with a hustler's spirit. I was working a full time job and took off to attend graduation.. and guess what? My boss came! My parents, the Mr., sisters, brother, cousins, God kid, friends, grandparents, aunts and uncles... in that moment I felt accomplished. Like I had made them all proud. On North Broad Street where I lived my entire life I graduated from Temple University with a degree in Education. In McGonicle Hall.. I believe I did it for everyone else just as much as I did it for myself. I was racked with nerves as I crossed the stage to accept my degree. I made them proud. I was the first since my mom to graduate from college. That smile was genuine. I had achieved a goal and my entire tribe was there to witness it. I'm thinking back to this day because I am so happy that I was able to share this moment. It wasn't just for me.. it was for them.

As we near Decision Day 2017 I'm taken back to my time spent at Temple University and on that glorious day in May 2006 when I finally was able to show my appreciation for the love of my tribe that got me through it all.