Ebook: Decision Time! What to Do Next

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Decision Time! What to Do Next How to Make the Best College Decision in Spring of Senior Year A Step By Step Guide The purpose of this guide is to help high school seniors and their parents figure out how to make the best college decision based on affordability and personal fit. This guide will help families gather the information necessary to make a clear and sound college choice. Figuring out how much a college costs is half the battle. We all have heard of the price tag attached to attending college, but few people know exactly how much it will cost to get an education at an institution. Many people will look at the sticker price and become overwhelmed and disillusioned with the prospect of attending college all together without taking the time to do the necessary math. In addition to the cost of college a student should have a personal connection to the college. There are numerous personal factors that contribute to a student’s ability to be successful while in college that need to be taken into consideration when making a decision. Here are the 6 steps you should take to make the best college decision!

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